8 Girls You Should Never Let Yourself Fall In Love With, For Any Reason

Thought Catalog

The Girl Who Treats You Like A Brother: She crashes on your couch or in your bed whenever she wants, and is happy to help you navigate the waters of what to wear. She’ll laze through your life as if it is her own, and always mentions that she’s so glad you guys are good friends. (You’ll hear the emphasis on the good, not the friends, and it will make you feel hopeful.) No matter how much you think that all of these are open invites, she’s still going to also ask for your advice when it comes to other guys she’s into. Trying to get on that roster always seems like a pipe dream because the guys she “goes for” are nothing like you. No matter how much you’d like to convince her that dating to type is bad, that’s a path of self-destruction she’s going to have…

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